Version 1

You can do this, it’s easy.

  1. Download ORCHID.
  2. Install it on any 16gb+ flash drive.
  3. Plug it into any computer and make it your own!


ORCHID is an advanced Open Source Operating System (OSOS) & organizing platform for independent creators, journalists, activists and people who wish to make the world a better place. It can run on most computers made in the past decade, both Mac and PC.

ORCHID, named after the Orchidaceae which happens to be one of our oldest ancestors, never accesses the internal hard drive of the computer it comes in contact with and it travels with you anywhere on a flash drive, so your data can always be with you at all times. For the techies like us, it’s Tails with some amazing program upgrades like yoshimi, Aircrack-ng and a bunch more for creatives.

ORCHID keeps you secure, no matter the physical computer it’s connected to. When you shut down or remove the USB drive from your machine, it will erase all metadata and wash away your footprints, but it does have encrypted drives for you to securely save files. Each time you start ORCHID, you get a computer that is the same as the day you got it. Your data is always encrypted and only accessed on your terms. ORCHID gives you the power to be you and take back control of your data, for creatives, which is everyone. You have the power to change – use it.

Everything you need,
All in one place,
Your data is yours.